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      First up allow me to introduce myself, my name is Glenn Farmer and I’m an Australian truck driver, I wrote this eBook based on my 17 years of experience driving trucks, as well as research. 

     For less than the price of an average hamburger you can learn about methods truck drivers use to make travelling on the highways less stressful, and safer. In some cases, the information in the full eBook could even save your life or someone else’s.

    The full copy has another 42 pages on top of the first 19 pages of the free copy, most of the text in the free copy was copied off another website (with their permission). The text in the extra 42 pages in the full copy is my own creation.

    You will be able to find the free eBook and full version for $5.50 AUD in the menu bar at the top of the page, or just click on the links in this sentence.

     There is a lot of frustration out on our roads between different vehicle classes. This frustration partly comes from road users, not understanding what each other are doing and why. This eBook shows ways to communicate with other road users and explains why truck drivers do what they do.  

    People who are travelling on country roads and in the cities will find the information in this eBook life saving, no matter what you’re driving. The full copy would also be helpful to people from overseas planning to drive in Australia. Fair warning though the language you will hear in major cities over the UHF can be very offensive. Especially if you have kids in the vehicle you may want to turn your UHF/CB down, or off, until you get out of suburbia.

      The other thing to remember is we all make mistakes, a little patience and forgiveness goes a long way. So if we all work together and help each other, long trips can be more enjoyable and less stressful. Less stress means less fatigue and less unnecessary risks being taken. In short, safer roads.

 Any questions please email  questions@travelbyroadaustralia.com.

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